Lighting Design

photo_lighting_designIn many homes and offices, light is understood in its functional aspects. Rarely is it understood in terms of its artistic qualities. How an object is illuminated is just as important as what is being focused upon. We combine practical experience with aesthetic taste to light the stage of your everyday experience. When it comes to your home or business, why settle for anything less?

Lighting is also very important in ensuring the coziness of a room. Of course, ambient lighting such as candlelight will add the most warmth but task lighting is also a way to ensure your room is comfortable and inviting. Table or floor lamps with a soft white bulb will help here. The shades you choose will also make a big impact – choose ivory shades vs. stark white or beige, taupe or even black shades to make the lighting in your room even softer.

Our designers can assist you with lighting design, landscape lighting, fine art lighting, display lighting, home lighting control systems and audio/visual media, as well as general electrical contracting. Because we offer a full range of services, we can meet virtually any electrical and lighting need.